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Expressive Ecopsychology


ART TO EARTH,Inc a center for Expressive Ecopsychology encourages environmental awareness through art..

While exploring the relationship between humans, the earth, and all living things, art fosters the development of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth that contributes to a society rooted in social responsibility and global awareness.

Ecopsychology is an interdisciplinary field that includes enquiry into environmental science, ecology, and psychology. Without a doubt we live in changing economic and technological times that are inextricably linked with the environmental health of the planet. Our future is our planet’s future.

Ecopsychology is concerned with development of a synergistic and sustainable relationship between humans and the nonhuman world for the benefit of earth as a whole.

In ancient times before science, art, and religion were viewed as separate realms, our fundamental thoughts and feeling were expressed through the language of images. We used art to celebrate and understand the natural world around us.

Through art today, we can open our senses and intellect to experiencing and connecting with the human and nonhuman world for the physical, psychological, and spiritual health of all. This is art as environmental awareness. 


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All Art, Photos, Videos by Susan Loonsk © Copyright Protection
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